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Guilin Biking Tours

Would you like to look for the most unspoiled scenery in Guilin or even more places in China? Biking is a perfect way to get off the tourist path, and see the best of Guilin's karst landscape. In Guilin and Yangshuo, there are many different biking routes - rather moderate to a little hard. We have selected easy and scenic biking routes, to make the cycling enjoyable for any travelers.

Moreover, our well-arranged tour itineraries below combine just the right mix of cycling, sightseeing, and relaxation. Welcome to join us to have an exciting cycling experience for your guilin holiday.

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List of Guilin Biking Tours

  • 6-Day Undiscovered Backroads Biking Tour of Yangshuo and Li River

    This 6 days bike tour not only focuses on the real secret highlight places worth to see around the Li river and the stunning countryside of Yangshuo, but also all the unsophisticated places contained. When biking, you will surely have a strong feel that Yangshuo is beautiful but the villages on the way hidden behind the busy cement roads offers you a complete insight of the rural life in South China. This tour is perfectly suitable for mountain bicycles.

  • 5-day Guilin, Xingping & Yangshuo Biking Tour

    Cycling all the way from Guilin city to Yangshuo to find the most picturesque section of the famous Li River, by way of Daxu ancient town, Crown Cave, Xingping Village, and...

  • 3-day Guilin & Yangshuo Biking Tour

    This 3-day Guilin & Yangshuo Tour Package will bring you to enjoy the stunning scenery along Li River; Moreover, biking around yangshuo countryside, and glimpse Chinese rural life in Guilin.

  • 4-day Guilin & Yangshuo Biking Tour

    Bike riding for must-see attactions in Guilin city; then, with Li River cruise and Yangshuo countryside biking, just immerse in the breathtaking riverside scenery and idyllic rural landscapes.

  • 4-day Yangshuo Biking Tour

    During the 4-day trip, Li River cruise from Guilin city to Yangshuo - the highlight of any Guilin tours, for cycling around yangshuo countryside to view idyllic rural landscapes en route.

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