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Guilin Travel Blog is a licensed travel specialist based in Guilin, China. We are dedicated to offering best-valued tour services in and around Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng and other neighboring areas. This travel blog is designed to help all the visitors to know the first-hand knowledge and travel information of this amazing place and our company team.


The Guilin-Sanjiang highway, linking Guilin City and Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County in Liuzhou City, was opened to traffic from October 26, 2017.This 135 kilometers highway was built through mountainous area; and verdant forest, valleys, rivers, terraced fields and remote villages can be see on both sides. With roadbed of 26 meters wide in asphalt concrete, there can accommodate 4 two-way lanes. It is designed wit ...


Yangshuo is your right choice to do a hiking; there vast countryside await you to discover. It is a great way to fully enjoy idyllic rural scenes typical of Chinese villages. Below listed 3 popular hiking routes for your options. Hike from Shitou Village to Xingping ancient town The hiking route from Shitou Village to Xingping is about 16 kilometers and usually takes 4-5 hours; with a stopover at Xianggong Hi ...


Yangshuo, just an hour south from Guilin city along the famous Li River; the dramatic karst landscape there is a big draw to the tourists from home and abroad. It is generally believed that, “the higher you go, the better the view”. Actually when you find out the right place to go, there is no need to climb much higher and get a great view there.Xianggongshan HillXianggongshan Hill - a famous spot for shooting th ...


For people traveling in Guilin, wanna try your hands at Chinese cooking? Then in Yangshuo, cooking class offers a good chance to learn how to cook some real village food, like beer fish and steamed stuffed vegetables.Guilin cuisine is a mix of Xiang (Hunan) and Cantonese cuisines, which means it serves the dishes with spice and chili, and also emphasize on freshness and use of selected sauce. Stir-frying and stream ...


January often mark the end of one year to Chinese people, before Chinese New Year. Always, it is a tradition for our company to hold a year-end party. On January 13, we gathered for this annual event at Zhaoxing, a pretty Dong minority town in southeast Guizhou.Zhaoxing was a remote destination in my mind. Now from Guilin, bullet trains will take you to Congjiang Station first - in just an hour - along Guiyang-Guan ...

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