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Guilin Golf Tour

Guilin Golf Tour packages feature a good combination of golf playing and sightseeing. All golf courses are immersed in the natural landscape of Guilin, not far away from famous scenic spots. So it's very convenient for golfer to enjoy both. Come to join this wonderful golf trip to relax oneself.

List of Guilin Golf Tour

  • 5-day Golf Tour in Guilin

    Planning a golf holiday in Guilin, China? The golf courses of Guilin are immersed in its unique karst landscape. Take this 5-day trip to playing golf in the scenic city, with a relaxation of body and mind.

  • 5-day Guilin Golf Tour

    Guilin landscape tops that elsewhere, and the golf courses here are all built among those unique-shaped hills. This 5-day Guilin Golf Tour features a good combination of golf playing with sightseeing, with star attractons in Guilin, China.

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