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Gongcheng Persimmon Festival

In celebration of autumn harvest, Gongcheng Persimmon Festival takes place in Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County of southeast Guilin, which usually lasts for about one month from Octover to November.

During the festival, a wide range of activities themed around "Happy Persimmon Town" includes persimmon-throwing fight, persimmons selection, folk song & dance performance, bonfire night and much more. Hongyan village of Yao ethnic group is the main venue for the event. Thousands of people make their way there especially for the persimmon.

Gongcheng county has been awarded the title of "Chinese persimmon town". In harvest season, the golden color lightens the gates and porches of every family, creating a spectacular scene. To promote the rural tourism, the annual Gongcheng Persimmon Festival has been countinously held since 2003. Tourists can pick fruit in the garden, fish by the riverside or simply enjoy a cup of special oil tea.