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Guilin Travel Guide


Yangshuo is your right choice to do a hiking; there vast countryside await you to discover. It is a great way to fully enjoy idyllic rural scenes typical of Chinese villages. Below listed 3 popular hiking routes for your options. Hike from Shitou Village to Xingping ancient town The hiking route from Shitou Village to Xingping is about 16 kilometers and usually takes 4-5 hours; with a stopover at Xianggong Hi ...


Yangshuo, just an hour south from Guilin city along the famous Li River; the dramatic karst landscape there is a big draw to the tourists from home and abroad. It is generally believed that, “the higher you go, the better the view”. Actually when you find out the right place to go, there is no need to climb much higher and get a great view there.Xianggongshan HillXianggongshan Hill - a famous spot for shooting th ...


For people traveling in Guilin, wanna try your hands at Chinese cooking? Then in Yangshuo, cooking class offers a good chance to learn how to cook some real village food, like beer fish and steamed stuffed vegetables.Guilin cuisine is a mix of Xiang (Hunan) and Cantonese cuisines, which means it serves the dishes with spice and chili, and also emphasize on freshness and use of selected sauce. Stir-frying and stream ...


Where to have a night out for entertainment, when you have overnight stays in Guilin city? Below listed some suggestions for your reference. Four Lakes Night Cruise, GuilinThe Li River, Taohua River, Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and Mulong Lake are connected together in downtown area of Guilin, which thus make the round-the city water system known as "Two Rivers and Four Lakes". There are cruise boats runnin ...


Red Yao women, a minority ethnic group from Huangluo Yao Village in northwest Guilin's Lognsheng county, held the first Long Hair Festival of its kind for celebrating the annual Lunar March 3 Day on April 9, 2016. Women of the ethnic Yao people have an average hair length of 2.3 metres. Usually their long, black hair are kept wrapped under headscarves; but during the festival, they finally let their hair down ...


If you wish to experience rural life in a traditional Chinese village, Yangshuo Secret Garden can be a great choice. This boutique hotel is hidden in the 300-year-old Jiuxian village, about 8 km from Yangshuo town center. In the back you will have the karst limestone mountains, the paddies fields and the Yulong River in front. Moreover, there offers a chance to stay in a renovated Qing-Dynasty house but with all th ...

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