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Liu San Jie Grand View Garden

Category: Guilin City

In Guilin city, it's not easy to tell the minority people from Han people, as everybody wears present style cloth. Minority villages are hours driving away from city area. But now there’s a place in the suburbs of Guilin named Liu San Jie Grand View Garden where tourists can experience minority culture of Zhuang, Dong, Yao, Miao with only 10 minutes driving. It’s designed with a theme Liu San Jie, a girl who has a gift for singing with a beautiful voice. Story of Liu San Jie is well known by Zhuang people, even by the whole China after a movie about her was released in 1960.

Enter the park, you will find that it is actually the song of sea. Minority people welcome you singing and dancing in unique and colorful dress. At following time, you have a chance to visit Sanjie’s home, Wooden Building of Dong, Drum Tower etc. There’re also singing and dancing shows included at fixed times to introduce more minority culture and custom to you. For example the show “Classic Show Liu San Jie” performs at 10:50-11:30, 15:50-16:30 and 20:00-20:40.

Besides the minority culture and custom, the view inside the park is also very nice. Hills surround the park just like a natural valley where live some virtuous and laborious people. They welcome you with pure smile and songs.