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Chuanshan Park

Category: Guilin City

Chuanshan Park, with mountains as the axis, covers an area of about two square kilometers. This park showcases the  fabulous karst landscapes in the southern suburbs of Guilin.

Both Tunnel Hill and Pagoda Hill stand inside the park, one in the east and another in the west. They are connected by a river, called Xiaodong River - a small branch of the Li River. Visitors can cross the Xiaodong River, and hike up to a fairly interesting pagoda on Pagoda Hill. Near the summit of the hill is a winderoded chasm that supposedly resembles a moonscape from afar. 

Guilin Chuanshan Park with Tunnel hill and Pagoda Hill

Opening time: 08: 30–17: 30 (The whole course takes about 1–2 hours.)
How to get there: Take No.6, No.23 and No.31 buses to the bus stop of Chuangshan Bridge; and then, walk about 200 meters to reach the park.