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Nanxishan Hill Park

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Nanxishan Hill Park is located in the southern suburb of Guilin city, with South Greek Hill standing in the center and Nanxi River passing through.

South Greek Hill has two towering peaks, one east and the other west, facing each other. Between them,  Longji Pavilion between the 2 peaks is a great place to get a panoramic view of south Guilin. After a morning rain, the rosy clouds and purple mists float above the valley. 

Nanxishan Hill Park,Guilin

The caves in Nanxishan Hill Park are renowned for their number and dramatic shapes. White Dragon Cave on the northern hillside is the most famous. At the entrance, white and the stalagmites hang over the cave like a dragon's head. That is why the cave got its name. White Dragon Bridge strides over the Nanxi River, with 30 meters long and 5.5 meters wide. It is a miniature model of the famous Zhaojia Bridge built in Sui Dybasty. And by the bridge, the limpid and sweet spring is great ingredient for making Chinese tea.

Cherry Blossoms Festival within Guilin Nanxishan Park

Nanxi Mountain is home to the largest cherry tree park in Guilin. The best blossoms comes from the end of March to early April. During this period, the park is set to hold its Cherry Blossoms Festival. Since 2003, the festival has become a annual event. Droves of visitors have swarmed onto the park to enjoy the cherry trees in full bloom.